October 14 - 23, 2022


Did you know that Parke County is home to 31 covered bridges?

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy the area of Parke County and see the 31 covered bridges dispersed throughout the county, each with their own personality. With the leaves beginning to turn to those beautiful yellows, oranges, reds, and maroons, Parke County is the place to be. Take a trip around the county to see the different bridges, towns, shops, and more. Visit the heart of Rockville, the origins of the festival, for amazing food, crafts, and entertainment. Ride the wagon down the road to Billie Creek Village for more rustic shopping, demonstrations, and food. A little further down the way we have Bridgeton, home to the Bridgeton Covered Bridge and Mill, and a little more down the way we have Mansfield, home to the Mansfield Covered Bridge and Roller Mill.

Why not bring your RV, camper or tent, set up camp right here at the Parke County Fairgrounds (5 minutes away from the Rockville festivities, and relax for the weekend or even the week!


For more information about camping during the Covered Bridge Festival, please visit Festival Camping.

 For more information about the Covered Bridge Festival in general, please visit Parke County Indiana. 

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